Purpose of the project is that to guarantee a future to the population of griffon gravitante on the Alps, reducing the mortality and inducing the subject estivantis to frequent and to stop in sure areas and you check.
Among the finalities of the project there is also that to create a colony nidificante, in degree to increase thanks to exchanges of individuals not only with the colonies adriatiche, but also with those of other sectors of western and southern Europe. The area introduces favorable environmental and climatic conditions to the griffon. The vast system of rocky walls results proper for the nest-building and it reproduces the physiognomy of the near sites of nest-building of the Gulf of the Quarnero. The morphology and the exposure of the slopes create favorable conditions to the formation of ascensional tides, particularly proper for the birds that, as the griffon, uses the planed flight completing long moves with low waste of energy.
In the Reserve it is easy to observe the griffons in the whole arc of the year. The attachment of the colony in the zone is in fact notable; the griffons frequent with regularity an areale of around 2000 Kmqs, with notable amplifications, favored by the best conditions for the flight, in the spring-summer period toward the Alps Giulie and Carniche. For the observation of the griffons in flight they are recommended the hours of the late forenoon.

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