This year, the Tiliment Marathon Bike “dress” for the second consecutive year the five UCI colors! Friulian race is in fact become part of the prestigious circuit “UCI MTB Marathon World Series” as a stage of the World Cup long distance! Between the streets and the trails in the foothills of Pordenone and the Tagliamento right, you will face the best athletes of the specialty! The majestic river Friuli then, will once again be the glorious battles theater, as has happened in previous years, when he saw plowing its banks as champions of the caliber of Periklis Ilias, Tiago Ferreira, Alban Lakata, Roel Paulissen, Damiano Ferraro , I.Alvarez Gutierrez, Tony Longo, HLLeon Paez, J.Pallhuber, Nicholas Pettinà, Samuele Porro, Mirko Tabacchi, Mirko Celestino, Mike Felderer, Walter Costa, Mauro Bettin Michele Pittacolo, Samira Todone, Christina Kollmann, Sabine Sommer, Daniela Veronesi and many / and others / and! Will be “3” paths granted by nature itself to deal with the stony bed of the Tagliamento, of very different length and technical effort: 104, 52 and 25 km.